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    PowerMac 7500/100-HELP!
    Hello, I have a PowerMac 7500/100 PC. It does not have a monitor, but I purchased an adaptor that plugs in to the Mac's monitor port that allows you to use today's computer monitors on the Mac. The Gateway flat-panel LCD monitor that I plugged in to the adaptor displays a "No Signal" message when I turned the Mac on. What's going on?:confused:

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    Is the LCD digital? If so, the adaptor won't work.

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    Im running a LCD monitor right now with an adapter. It opens up and has dip switches to make it multisync also have used the ones with out the switches. Go in to the monitors control panel and check the resolution ,nothing over 75 hz
    The old Mac monitor res of 85hz will not work on LCDs.

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