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Thread: Company of Heroes under Windows via Boot Camp

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    Question Company of Heroes under Windows via Boot Camp
    I have an iMac 20" running bootcamp. Will it be able to handle Company of heroes?

    Computer Specs:

    - 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo
    - 1 GB ram
    - ATI Radeon X1600/128MB VRAM

    When i was reading the box it threw me off since it said it only supported nVidia and radeon 9500 cards. Is my card as good as the 9500 radeon? I'd rather not waste the money if my iMac wont be able to handle it.

    has anyone got this to work at all? how does it run?


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    Oh yea, the X1600 is far superior to the 9500. (I am currently using the 9500SE in my windows desktop, and an X1600 in my MBP... day and night difference). You should be able to run it, im not sure exactly how bootcamp works though. Good Luck!

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    I know its a good graphics card mate, and youve got the exact same system as me, and i play half life and coutnerstrike source all the time and all the graphics set to high and its fantastic

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    Oct 09, 2009
    2009 Macbook Pro bootcamp w/ company of heroes
    I have the 2009 Macbook Pro with the stock graphics card and everything. Would I be able to run CoH with good preformance

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