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    A Bootcamp Question
    Hey, I just recently purchased my first, and definitely not last, Mac and it happens to be a black MacBook. One of the main reasons I switched to a Mac was my dwelling in different OS's and configurations, but I'm also a huge gamer. This led me to the want of getting some games on my Mac and that seems to be most proficient with BootCamp. Before I go out to purchase a copy of Windows XP, I was reading the required things for BootCamp and one of them was a "blank CD". This confused me slightly as in the installation still required the XP CDs. What is this blank CD for? Not a really big deal but I would like to know what I will be doing with it before I start the installation.

    - Thanks.

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    The blank CD is to create a drivers disk to use after installing Windows XP. Mac hardware is different from PC hardware and requires certain drivers in order to make use of, for example, an Apple keyboard, trackpad, built in i-sight, etc. It also contains sound and video drivers, along with others. When you run the Boot Camp Assistant, it will ask you to burn a drivers cd. Hope that answers your question, and enjoy your new Macbook!

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