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    cant get a firewire device to work
    I have a macbook pro, i installed bootcamp and it works fine, i recently bought a firewire audio interface (for music prodruction) it's called the edirol fa-101. i followed the instructions for installation.

    I noticed after it had installed the drivers, it told me 'this device may not work properly', i looked in deivce manager and there is a ? for a device called pci which is the edirol fa101 according to the trouble shooting page in the manual

    When i go to 'sound and audio devices' /audio then click on 'sound playback' 'sound redording' and 'midi music playback' i cannot find my device. the only thing there is the onboard audio card

    I have tried reinstalling the drivers but the same thing happens, what could i try? if i cant get this device to work, it means i have to scrap bootcamp and use OSX and buy some expsensive software, which i'm not feeling up for.


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    Have a look at the website of the edirol device maybe they have an update for the driver ?

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    FA101 bootcamp
    Hi- i have an even worse problem! i have the same hardware, but cannot even get the FA101 to be recognised as a soundcard.. in device manager it shows up, but under audio options it doesnt come up at all, just the internal soundcard of the mac. it can be seen in preference windows in progs like ableton, but not selected.. it all installed ok. i got an update from the roland website to version 1.01 but still no dice.. can anyone help? i just moved from pc to mac and am using old programs until i can afford to buy mac intel ones!

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