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    About to install Parallels: Best way to do it?
    On Tuesday, when Vista Business is released, I am going
    to install it on my Mac Pro via Parallels.

    I bought the boxed (CD) version of Parallels two weeks ago.

    However, I want to use the latest BETA to take advantage of
    all the new functions.

    What is the best way to go about this install?

    Should I install the CD then do the upgrade?

    Or, just download and install the BETA and enter the activation
    key that should be somewhere in the boxed package?

    Anything else I should know or do before attempting this install?

    In advance, thanks for all your help!

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    I guess both ways will yield the same result, technically. But you might want to test out the stable version before jumping into the BETA. Beta's are Beta for a reason: They're buggy.
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    Jan 11, 2007

    Yes, but the BETA supports many new features.

    On the flip side, can I install from the boxed CD, register
    it with the included activation key, and then install the
    BETA version over it?

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    You can just install the beta and use the serial from your purchased copy.

    As yogi pointed out though you may find the beta rather "buggy"

    Good luck.

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    Definatly install the latest beta which is 3106 at the moment. It has many things fixed and new things added. While it is indeed a BETA, for most it runs quite well and the new features are well worth it. Use the serial number from the boxed version and go for it. If it turns out that it gives you lots of problems you can always uninstall and install the boxed version. Just make sure you have at least version 1970...
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    I got Vista Business through the MSDNAA the other day and installed it with the latest parallels. Only thing I have not been able to do is use ReadyBoost so far and I am unable to do the Windows Experience score thingy.
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    Okay, so you are telling me I can install the BETA and my
    serial from the boxed version will work?

    Thanks gents!

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