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    Bootcamp game problems (Battlefield games)
    I've had Bootcamp running for awhile and have played Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2 with no problems, I then installed 3D stuido Max 8, then when i played Battlefield i kept getting server disconnects, my Virus software flagged no problems. I reformatted the windows partion and started again. Battlefield now works fine, so i reinstall 3d studio again. Now I get the server disconnects and begin to realise that maybe 3d stuido is causing my server disconnets (and skype disconnects) so I reformat again and deicde to hold off on 3d studio for awhile, everything is fine again. So now I install Tracklogs (mapping software) and I now get ther server disconnects, o it looks like when i install any programs Battlefield 2142 has a benny and throws me out. Has this happend to anyone? Or does anyone know what could be causing it. Any help would be great. Thanks.

    (got there in the end)

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    Macbook Pro|1.83ghz|1GB|120GB|
    What are you running spec wise? Will BF2142 run on a Mac Book Pro, 1.83ghz, 1GB laptop?

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    I'm on a mac pro 2.66 with 2gb ram and the 512mb ati card, so when I'm not being disconnected the game runs like a dream on max setting with x6 anti alias as well. I hear it will run well on the mac book pros as well but i would recommend at least 1.5gb of ram.

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