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Thread: AutoCAD on My Mac?

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    AutoCAD on My Mac?
    I recently purchased a new imac and I would like to run AutoCAD and other windows applications. I understand that "Parallels" and "Boot Camp" are two software programs that will help. What are the pros and cons of each? I heard that "Boot Camp" makes you more vulnerable to virus'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by honey16 View Post
    I heard that "Boot Camp" makes you more vulnerable to virus'.
    Boot Camp doesn't make you vulnerable to viruses, Windows does.
    No matter which you choose, Parallels or BootCamp, neither one is going to stop Windows from getting a virus. The Mac side of things will be fine, currently there are no viruses for Mac.
    Only your Windows installation will be affected if you happen upon a virus.
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    Have you checked out the Mac alternatives yet?

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    Honey16 is my AutoCAD teacher. There is no way he would ever use anything else but AutoCAD, and I don't blame him. It's a much better program than any other shareware. He asked me to help him on this topic, so I searched around for mac forums and told him just to post a thread here. It definitely makes sense that if you run windows on your mac, the windows portion is the only thing susceptible to the viruses.

    Have you guys experienced any major problems while running BootCamp or Parallels while connected to broadband internet? I persoanlly would just run the program and not really think about it, if a virsus comes, it comes. I don't think its a huge deal, however, some may want to be extra extra careful.

    Thanks for all your help guys!

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    bootcamp over parallels
    i found that autocad on parallels hangs a bit, especially when working with large files or with x-refs and hatches. im not entirely sure i am explaining this right, but with bootcamp you get full use of the processor & ram, where as with parallels, part of your processing power goes to holding onto mac apps, which allows you to switch back and forth. i was advised by other mac users that bootcamp was the way to go. autocad, rhino, revit, maya, cs2, no problems at all with bootcamp.

    i just switched, and it works ok for me. hope this helps.

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    2007 student edition on my macbook works just fine!

    im using boot-camp

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    Sounds good, I guess boot camp is the way to go. thanks!

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    Its great to meet other Drafters/Mac Enthusiasts in this website!

    I for one, use autocad 2007 via bootcamp. I really dont mind, since my windows partition (20gigs) is used only for AutoCAD and Games. OSX is for the rest of my life!

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    Kinda sideways on topic...

    Just a reminder that for any news on CAD/3D news for Macintosh, check out Architosh. :girl:

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    I use to get forced into using AutoCad because steel factories use DXF files for laser cutting and hated it. I now use TurboCad on the Mac which I'm very happy with.

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