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    FAT Partition won't mount on Mac Desktop
    Hi all, switcher here...

    So far, so good; the tech is really amazing. Tiny problem: the FAT (WinXP) partition won't mount on my Mac desktop. I've tried mounting it with Disk Utility, where I can see it, but absolutely nothing happens when I click the Mount button.

    Parallels works fine and the Win XP partition will boot just fine.

    What am I overlooking? I would like the Win partition to mount automatically (so I can include the documents there in my backup script).

    Also - I created a "shared folder" in Parallels but don't see it on the Mac side. What's up with that?



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    Jan 13, 2007
    Ok - it turns out that you can't mount the Win XP partition while you are running the parallels windows session. Once you shutdown the current WinXp session, the Windows partition will mount ok.

    Still don't know about the shared folders. I think I'll post a question over at the parallels site.


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