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    osx connection slow..bootcamp connection FAST
    Ok, I've noticed that when I use any internet service in bootcamp, its blazing fast. Then when I get on the web in osx its very noticabley slow. This bothers me because I love the mac applications and want the osx partition to be for surfing the web and other things and the bootcamp partition to be strictly for games.

    any ideas?

    p.s. I've tried safari, opera, firefox, they're all slow as ****.

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    Strange eh? I've noticed this too! Even windows xp under parallels seems to go faster at times! That eleiminated the hardware as the slow down. Maybe its the drivers???? Or just settngs that are set to a "happy" medium between stability and speed? any thoughts?

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    mmh I've been digging through settings and I cant find the answer, and download times dont seem to be affect its just searching the webs. It always loads the same way too like it will go a little ways, then stop for about 10 seconds then load all the way.

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    Perhaps disable IPV6?

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    whats ipv6?

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