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    Looking for Classic Mac Games
    I am looking to either buy or find links to specific Mac Games for OS9. The games I am looking for are, Space Cab, Monkeyshines, Abuse, Bob vs. The Aliens, Chromosomethingorother.

    I was wondering whether these were available on-line somehwere to download, or there a CDs with these games on available.


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    I was going to suggest Macintosh Garden but the website seems to be malfunctioning at present when you want to click in the alphabetical list links.

    At Freeware Games, I did find Bob vs. the Aliens but am not sure if it's the demo or the real game.

    Another freeware/abandonware game repository is the French website Le Grenier du Mac. I did find Abuse there: you will need to click on the tÚlÚcharger link at the bottom of the page to download.

    Here is the full list of abandonware games for Mac Le Grenier du Mac has up on its website for download, btw.

    Monkeyshines and the monkey-shines-level-editor.hqx file can be found here.

    Stuff you can look at for further assistance:

    Macintosh Garden - FAQ - Finding a game and game list

    Macintosh Garden - Links - Mac Abandonware links

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    Theres lots of old Mac games on cnetasia.

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    Is there a link to ordering the full version of another game called Step On It?

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    Search the links I gave you in my post above, you might find something in those places. If not, google is bound to turn up something: that's how I found the stuff I posted in here.

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