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    Mac user in a Windows world - Issues to be aware ???
    I am intending to buy a Macbook pro but might be primarily using it as a windows machine since at my office every one works on windows and most of the s/w I work is based on windows (I might use osx occassionally for video editing etc)

    Can you please help me understand if there will be any issues that will pop-up in this scenario which i should be aware of some of them might be related to
    1) Can i connect macbook pro to my office network which i believe is based on windows networking and all other machines running windows (can I do this only while running windows XP or even Mac OSX?). whill there be any issues in file sharing across machines?

    2) Can I see all other machines windows in the network and access them ? Similarly can they access my machine (when I run XP)

    3) can a dynamic IP be assigned (which is normally done with all other windows machines in our office netwrrk)

    Any other things I shuld be aware of a totally new switcher from windows to mac and still remaining ina a windows world?


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    The Switchers forum on this board has stickies that answer a bunch of FAQs you may have. Regarding networks in particular, one says:
    Issue 8: I can't connect to my home network of PC computers.
    Go to your System prefrences, and under internet and network click on the sharing pane. Then make sure windows sharing is enabled. . . .
    And there is this that automates mapping network drives at login. You can also try running a Google search using "mac os x" network OR networking AND windows. You'll haul up tons of stuff.

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