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    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME, I am going crazy.
    I use Outlook Express 5 on my mac with OS9.1. I have a large number of Address Groups with about 100 members each which i use for mailings. (These are not spam, every person on my list has given me their address voluntarily)
    The problem is the names inside these groups are not alphabetized, and there is no way to export them into another program without cutting and pasting each address individually. Editing these lists is a nightmare because they are in the random order in which i add them in initially. I am not able to "select All" when i am in an address group.
    Is there a way to export the address groups all at once?
    Can someone please help me or refer me to the rightplace?

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    Looks to me like you&#39;re stuffed <_<

    In Entourage, you can select all, (you&#39;ve tried apple-a? - sometimes that works even if the menu option isn&#39;t active), plus you can sort the groups. If you&#39;ve gone through all the menus then there&#39;s probably not a way.

    I&#39;m not sure, but you could try going file>export contacts (if there is one) and opening it as a text document in BBEdit or something. Other than that, I don&#39;t know what to do.
    I'm in your forums, writing sentences in a grammatically acceptable manner.

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