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Thread: USBs inactive after restart in 9.2.2

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    USBs inactive after restart in 9.2.2
    I have a B&W G3 that has two drives. On one I use 10.3.9. On the other I use 9.2.2. Because iTunes just produces coasters on my machine and I have an old Toast app on my old drive, I restarted on the old drive and 9.2.2. (Yes, I tried classic first, no go.) When the screen comes up the cursor is visible but will not move. The keyboard is also inop. Does anyone know a fix??

    I ran disk first aid (10.3.9 scanning the old drive) and diskwarrior (the newest). No changes. I have techtool installed on the old drive but it's an old version, well before 9.2.2.

    I'd try my pismo but I only have 9.2.2 running under classic there.

    Yeah, I know, buy a new machine. But this one does what I want 99% (well, close) most of the time. Thanks for any help. Dan

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    Sound like a software problem,restart in 9 with startup extensions off ,hold down the shift key at startup.

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    If that doesn't work, try trashing the system preferences and restarting. Make sure none of the USB extensions weren't accidentally disabled.

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    I tried the shift key restart. I can't get in that way. If I can scrub the 9.2.2 system preferences from the other drive I'll try this again. Dan

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