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    I have Mac OSX 10.4.8 and Windows XP running on Parallels. My computer is very new - Mac Pro - purchased October/06 - yes I'm new to Mac but not to computers. I am having a lot of problems getting it to print consistently. I'll fix it, print a bit, shut it down, come back the next day only to note the same problems I "fixed" the day before: 1. printer wakes up from sleep mode when starting a print job and shuts the computer down - cold boots it - then does the print job. 2. printer lights up like it's going to print but nothing comes out and "job stopped" comes up on the screen. Happens from both Parallels and Mac. I have reinstalled the operating system on the Mac, uninstalled and reinstalled the printer drivers (updated softare off Net for both), downloaded Bonjour and used it to install the printer into Win XP. Does anyone have any suggestions at all to get this printer more stable. I have a Brother MFC8440 (this is the one that has both problems above - intermittantly (I find out on Monday if Brother has a patch for the usb as they have developed one for pc's) - yes I tried several different usb cords. The HP Photosmart 8450 printer has problem #2 above intermittantly. I searched the archive and the net and have spent many days trying to get this fixed. One more thing, I uninstalled Parallels and installed the Beta 3120 I think it is????? Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

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    Try Bonjour for Windows, I use it, and it is great. However, it does not seem to print from windows when I do not have an internet connection.

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