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    Jan 12, 2007
    Parallels problem
    I have installed parallels onto my macbook, with no problem.

    The guest operating system is windows XP, and as per the advice I have dedicated 604mb to running it.

    When I put in my XP disk, and press the green arrow in the parallels window to start, the screen goes a darker colour from the top down, and a black boc in the middle of my screen tells me in 4 languages to restart my computer.

    I do this and nothing happens............... anyone any ideas?

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    You haven't really given enough info. Fill in the info...

    1. You are running an intel mac correct?

    2. How much ram do you have?

    3. What version of Parallels do you have installed?

    You should not have to put an xp disk in to boot up. You have to
    actually install xp into your hard drive during the installing of
    Parallels and after that you just load Parallels with no xp
    in the cd drive.

    If you have an early version of Parallels that could possibly
    be your problem. You need at least update #1970. The latest
    update with all the goodies is 3120, i would highly recommend
    getting #3120 installed as it fixes a lot of early problems and
    adds many new features too.
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    It sounds like you purchased the retail version of Parallels. If you did just go to and then download parallels from there, install it and use your bought serial. The problem will be fixed.

    Or as James indicates get beta 3120 and give it a try.

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    Jan 12, 2007
    yep problem solved! Thank you.

    Now anyone got any advice on the best screen resolution to use. I have a 13 inch macbook, excel file look ok in terms of rows but I cannot veiw the whole of the colums.

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    Just use 1280x800, which is the native resolution of the macbook. You should be able to see loads of columns with a maximised 1280 pixel wide window

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