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    OS 9 on OS 7 computer?
    I have an old Mac Performa probably from 95 or 96. I want to try to install OS 9 on it since I have an old copy of that laying around. How would I even go about doing this? I don't think the CD drive on the Performa works.. so I guess I am probably screwed, but maybe there is another way? Thanks!

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    You'll have to find a working CD drive for it but here a few links that might give you some info:

    Mac OS 8 and 9 compatibility with Macintosh computers

    Macintosh: Support for Older Model Computers

    Mac OS 9: Before You Install Read Me

    Mac OS 9: About the Mac OS 9 Utilities Read Me

    Mac OS 9: Available Updates

    Also, make sure the Mac OS 9 install disks that you have are full install disks, i.e. not from another Mac model otherwise they won't work.

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