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Thread: Slow boot after deleting bootcamp partition

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    Slow boot after deleting bootcamp partition

    Only had my MacBook for a couple of weeks now, after previously being a windows sort of person, very glad i made the switch now. However there is one thing bugging me. When i first set up my MacBook, I used Bootcamp to install a windows xp partition. Then i found the program called Parallels Desktop. So i deleted my windows partition, and resized my mac partition, all using the bootcamp assistant tool that is downloaded with bootcamp. But now when i turn on my laptop it takes about 30 seconds after the mac chime is heard before the logo appears. I have checked to make sure the startup settings are right in the preferences, but to no avail. Beforehand when i press the power button the apple logo appears almost instantaneously?



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    hey there...

    partitioning is a risky business... and removing boot camp is a perfect example... however, you're problem is quite fixable. i know this for a fact because i've removed Boot Camp partitions from my intel mac several times.

    what happened is that by removing the boot camp partition, it has greatly altered the "optimization" of your mac... "optimization" is what mac users call "defragment"... you will probably notice with your new mac that almost every install of new software will "optimize" as one of the last steps, this keeps things tight, so there isno real need for a general mac user to defragment their mac (and also no real reason for Apple to include a disk defragmenter with Mac OS X... eventhough it would be nice). most film/video/animation studios, sound studios and imaging houses optimize their macs often since they are constantly loading and unloading super large files with their computer, placing and displacing data on a harddrive that slows down the optimized performance.

    i suggest you get Micromat's "TechTools Pro 4" (For Intel/PPC macs - Universal App)... it's a very solid and extremely reliable tools application suite. of the several tools included with this program is one that will optimize (defragment) your entire boot volume... and it doesn't take very long on the new macs... you have to boot your computer from the TechTools Pro 4 DVD in order to optimize your boot volume, or install what they call an "eDrive" which is a small partition of theirs that will allow you to perform emergencies without the install DVD... it would be very wise to install their eDrive, and it's less taxing on the DVD Rom since some of the tools can take a very long time to complete... once you use TechTools Pro 4, you're new intel mac will be flying high again...

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    this solution sounds great, but i've read a few comments on Apple's product comment list that are pretty negative. (not that everyone that makes comments there is a subject matter expert.)

    has anyone experienced any of these issues?

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    I have the EXACT problem!!! I'm still looking for answers.

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    Got a similar problem with my PC, the way to solve was to install chipset's and bus' drivers. But U can't do that on Mac, so the solution is reLeopard it ; - o

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    Quote Originally Posted by codesarah@gmail View Post
    I have the EXACT problem!!! I'm still looking for answers.
    Actually, it's much simpler than earlier posters suggested in this 2 year old thread. Simply do a PRAM reset and you should be back to normal. This is done starting with the computer turned off.

    Turn it on, immediately after the display turns gray, press and hold Command + Option + P + R. Continue holding until you've heard the system chime 3 times.

    After that, normal boot times should resume.
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