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    Aug 19, 2006
    Changing the name of my Windows HD on desktop
    Hey all,
    this might have a very simple answer... but I need help. I partitioned my HD using bootcamp and have a Macintosh HD and Untitled drive on my desktop. I want to rename my Windows HD to "Windows HD" rather then "Untitled", but when I try to select to change the name, it just wont let me do it. I can change the name of the Macintosh HD if I want too... but I just can not change the Windows one. Thanks!


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    Jan 09, 2007
    Hah, Just figured this out yesterday. Go on windows, select [C] Drive, right click it, scroll to properties, type in the name in the blank space.

    I called mine WUNDOWS, and BTW, you cant do lowercase.

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