I setup boot-camp with a 32GB partition on the hard drive. After completing the partition I started Windows XP installation through Boot-camp assistant. When I got to XP installation at the point of choosing where to setup program on drive, itonly gave me one drive partition option drive C, which was 130GB (I've got a 250GB G5 iMac), no other drives. At this point I cancelled the installation before it got to formatting of partition. On quitting I restarted computer and ejected CD. At this point it went straight into a DOS like screen. Restarted and pressed alt(option) key while restarting only showed windows partition, no Mac HDD. Then pressed c during restart to try and enter safe mode no success. Then tried restarting with Mac OSX install disc. Went to install program, tried to use startup disk just returned to install program. Then went through disc utility could not see different partitions under HDD. Then went to install program and tried to reinstall Mac OS X. Install could not find any HDD to install to.

Is this completely screwed? Should I have just continued on with the installation formatting on that partition?

Does anyone have any ideas at all???