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    Question help needed....parallels and directx for warcraft3
    Hi all any help would be appreciated,

    have installed parallels on my macbook pro and running windows xp. Installed warcraft on xp and freezes up. seemed to install fine but doesn't launch past welcome screen. it seems to indicate a problem with dircectx...

    any ideas? thanks

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    Most Blizzard games have both Mac installers and Windows installers on the same disc. I would simply suggest playing it under Mac OS as there really isn't a need to play that under Windows.
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    The problem s that parallels doesnt support hardware video (your graphics card), and therefore doesn't work for games, or graphics intensive programs. Directx has a problem because I beleive your processor is doing all the graphics work, and its not directx capable.
    To run games in windows you have to use Apple's bootcamp, which is free, and will be included with the next release of OSX 10.5.
    However, D3v1L80Y is still right that Blizzard makes games for mac, and I suggest you support the mac game industry whenever you can.
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    warcraft 3 has both versions of the game (mac and pc) on the disc, i know this as for one it says on the box and two ive got it installed on my mac and windows computers. it runs much better on the macbook too!
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