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    please help. rEfit uninstall?
    hello all

    i mistakenly installed rEFIt before bootcamp, and in doing so, I cannot open the bootcamp assistant to make a CD of the drivers. when i open the .dmg file i only get boot camp install guide, .mpkg file and read before you install file. i am from the pc world, so this is all new to me. i tried dragging the rEFIt icon and .dmg file to the trash can, but upon restart rEFIt still starts up. when i try to drag all of the contents of the refit.dmg to the trash, it tells me "the operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for 'refiblesser'.

    when i restart, should i be rebooting under one of the other icons?

    my computer is a macbook pro


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    Hi etowns and welcome to Mac-Forums,

    Try this link:

    Post back with the results, please.

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    thanks, it worked
    looks like i may have just gone about it wrong. i had to trash the refitblesser first, then rename the refit efi folder on my HD in order to get rid of it.

    getting used to this software is going to be a challenge i see.

    again, thanks for the help.

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