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    Question Partioning Trouble!
    In bootcamp when I reach the partioning my hard drive part, I set it to the regular 32 gb for windows, and the rest for os x. After lie 30 second a message pops up saying partioning failed, could not verify disk, please repair, something along those lines. What is wrong?

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    The same thing happened to me today! But I figured out how to fix it. What you have to do is put the install disc 1 into the cd drive and then restart the computer. While it is booting up, press and hold C. When the install menu comes up, select "Disk Utility" from one of the drop down menus on top. From the Disk Utility screen select your hard drive to the right and then choose to repair the disk (your hard drive) in the window to the right. After this, you'll have to reboot your computer and then go about installing bootcamp as usual.

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    i found on my pc it was a space issue. for example, my existing osx installation was taking up 40GB's then the samllest OSX partition I could use was 80GB's. If I tried create a partition less then twice the current occupied space the partition proccess would fail.

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    I'm not sure if its a glich or not, but I've had similar problems. If I set the partition to the default 32GB it would give some sort of "can not move files" error. Knock it back down to 30GB and it works. Weird thing is I have plenty of space on my HD for more the 32GB. All this after I had done what slugzzz said.

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