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    Will OS 9 recognise Pioneer DVD writer???

    I have an old G4 Mac with OS9 installed. I have recently purchased OSX but the installation is on a DVD...great my G4 doesn't have a DVD player. So I've looked at getting a good DVD writer and have come across the Pioneer DVR-111D which while it states to be PC only I understand from several reviews that it works fine on a G4 with OSX. My question is will OS9 recognise the DVD in order for me to install OSX. If it doesn't can anyone give me some advice about buying a suitable DVD writer that will be recognised so I can get up and running. Who said Apple make life easy?

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, greyookami!

    ...Or you could send back the DVD to Apple and for $10, get the install disks on CDs instead. Details here in this .pdf form.

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    Yes the CD driver in OS9.2 will find a DVD rom,Burning a DVD in OS9 is more tricky.Some Cd drive's in G4s were combo drives ,both CD and DVD rom.

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    Thanks guys
    Thanks for your help guys. Sure enough 9.2 recognised the Pioneer DVD drive no problems and I was able to install OS X. Welcome to the 21st Century huh!


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