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    Smile looking for users with XP on Macbook...
    Hi, I'm thinking of buying my first Mac
    for the past 15 years years i worked with PC in Programming, Networking, Graphics, Audio, Video. today i have a businees for computers help services.

    My big Question is if there someone who been working enough time with XP over macbook. I have a freind who bought macbook pro 15" and helped him install the bootcamp with XP. I didn't had much time to work on the macbook with the XP, but i noticed in the little time i had with it that Windows get freezes for example when I entered the display properties...

    is someone had been working with XP over macbook enough time that can tell how is the system runing?

    have a wonderful day,

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    Nov 27, 2006
    I use WinXP both through Boot Camp and through Parallels. I've experienced no real problems with either. I use the Boot Camp installation for playing games (Parallels does not support Direct3D), and I use the Parallels virtual machine to run IE (for sites that require ActiveX) and legacy WinXP apps that I haven't converted yet.

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