In the past I installed Vista RC1 under Bootcamp. I also had XP installed under Parallels. I have since deleted the Vista install and restored the disk to a single OSX partition.

Now that Parallels will support using the Bootcamp partition as it's Windows install I would like to reinstall Bootcamp and XP so I can dual boot if needed and still run Windows under Parallels as well.

I get an error when using the Bootcamp Assistant telling me I can't install to a restored single partition.

Is there any way around this with a third party partition tool? I would rather not reinstall OSX and all of my applications.

I have also upgraded the HDD using Carbon Coply Cloner to move my old OSX image onto the bigger drive. This was after I removed the Bootcamp Vista partition so I guess whatever remains of it was moved over in the cloning process. This leads me to believe I'll need to backup individual directories and reformat the disk before reinstalling OSX.

Sounds like a lot of work.

Does anyone have a better strategy to get where I want to be?

I think Dualbooting to XP will help with my main Windows only app (Yahoo Music Unlimited syncing a Sandisk Sansa). Parallels USB support is janky and causes no end of problem in the sync process. I think booting directly into XP would solve this problem.

Thanks for any help-