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    Sep 01, 2006
    Media player series 9 for macs
    Hey guys, Iv'e been trying to get a plugin to stream video on my Macbook, using media player series 9 and I'm completely lost.
    It took me ages to get the media player to work and I tried to stream video on but it keeps saying it needs application/x - mplayer 2.
    Anybody out there no how to do this?
    Feeling like a complete numptie, I use firefox 2 and this will stream everything apart from videos that only appear to recognise IE.
    I can view anything on the BBC cos it uses real player.
    Appreciate any help but pls keep it simple cos I easliy get lost, thanks in advance.

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    Try THIS.

    Or just get the full Flip4Mac Version.
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    Sep 01, 2006
    Hi tried that and well nothing happened.
    How do you set quicktime to stream the video?
    I downloaded the software and then revisited the sites hoping for it to work but instead of saying there's a plugin missing now there is just a blank screen, please help if you can.
    Sorry must be thick, just don't get it.

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