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    Concerns with running Bootcamp on my Mac.
    So I just want to install Windows on my Mac so I can play games, but I want to make sure I don't get any viruses that infect windows. If I just load up Windows, do I have any problem if all I do is got on the game I want to play, maybe play online, but no websearching or anything like that? Or is being online in general leave me up to attack, so I should download the security updates?


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    Games generally do not infect your computer with spyware or viruses when you play online. If you're only going to play games, I recommend getting a free virus scanner (such as AVG) and a free spyware scanner (such as ad-aware personal edition). You should run the virus scan once a month or so, and the spyware scan once every 10 days. Yes, do download the Microsoft Security Updates.
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    bottom line, when you boot windows on a mac its basically a PC. so you will need all of your virus software, spyware etc to keep it safe.

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    If you dont ever use the web you dont have to worry.
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