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    Using Citrix ICA on a Mac
    This is not "switching" but I need help... I need to connect to my office using Citrix ICA, but it isn't working. Can someone tell me whether I'm doing something wrong?

    Computer: iMac Power PC G4
    OS: Mac OS X 10.3.9
    Browser: Safari 1.3.2, or Netscape 7.2, or Internet Explorer for Mac 5.2.
    Internet: Earthlink DSL

    Problem: I can log in and see the screen/window that shows the Windows Office programs on my office's server, but when I click to begin using one, this happens: my Mac downloads a .jsp file (I can see it in my "downloads" window), but doesn't know what program to open it with. When I attempt to open it using one of the browsers, I get an error message in Citrix ICA. .jsp is a Java file, so why isn't my Mac executing the instructions and allowing me to use the Windows program from within a browser window?

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    Oct 24, 2006
    I had some issues getting Citrix to work. I know that Safari would not work and I ended up using Firefox. Never tried it with any of the other browsers you mentioned, but I never see a JSP file. When I click on an application on my company's site it opens an .ICA file.

    Dare I say to give Firefox a try?

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    I use Citrix ICA via Safari on my OS X (tiger) Macbook.

    I just downloaded the current Citrix Presentation Server Client for OS X, installed it and I'm away.

    The only thing I have to do is double-click on the ICA file when it downloads, as it doesn't auto-launch.

    Josh (UK)
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