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Thread: ibook w/os 9.1

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    ibook w/os 9.1

    I'm new to the mac world. I'm thinking of buying an iBook G3[64MB SDRM/500Mhz processor/bus 66Mhz/10GB h.d.] that runs os 9.1 for my wife for less than $300. I was wondering if the os would cause major probs. for internet surfing. I checked the apple website and saw that there were upgrades for os9.1. And do you think I would have problems installing an aircard for wifi? Also, I have a linksys wireless modem for my dell laptop. Would I need a separate apple wireless modem to run both laptops or could I just add a wifi card to the apple use the same wep key and be good?Oh, and do you know what extra's come with the os: ilife, or at least itunes, dashboard? Is it generally hard to connect to the internet thru your cable provider--if not using internet explorer? Sorry for so many basic quests. but I really am lost w/a mac.

    Thank you.

    I tried searching the apple website for info. but didn't come up with much.

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    this is on the wrong section.

    try ebay (link above) and most g3s have os 10

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    Thank you.

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