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    Dec 11, 2006
    No keyboard with Win XP and Bootcamp
    Just bought Macbook Pro, 2.33GHz
    I have installed Win XP on its own partion using Bootcamp. Everything works, keyboard, mouse, network etc.
    Then I have installed Parallels v. 3036 (newest Beta) and made connection to Win XP via Bootcamp. Everything works, exept iSight Camera.
    The problem is when I am rebooting with Bootcamp and I choose Windows. I come to the black screen where I have the choice between Windows and Parallels and the keyboard doesn't work....ggrrr:radioacti
    How can I enter Windows without using Mac?
    It's the same issue when I install Windows without Bootcamp.

    What to do - what to do?

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    Reset PRAM and see whether there is any change.

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    you have to edit the Boot.ini, dont remember exactly the lines u have to change, but go to the parallels forum and theres a thread that tells u what to do

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