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    Worried about Parallels
    I have an unopened copy of Parallels and an unused copy of Windows XP. But, I'm afraid to install them! I don't want to get back into that Windows/Virus/Spyware rat race where I have to run defenders and cleaners all the time. Here's my question: If I install Parallels and XP but NEVER run a browser under XP, am I safe? Or, can just the presence of XP on my machine allow bad stuff in?


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    Why do you want to install XP? Are you a gamer?

    If you don't surf internet there is a good chance to maintain a virus free system.

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    I run XP both through Paralells and Boot Camp. I do not worry about virus/etc from either.

    My Boot Camp partition cannot even read/write to my Mac OS X partition; so if I did get a virus on the Boot Camp partition -- which I use only for gaming and sometimes web browsing related to gaming -- then it's no great loss. Worst case scenario, I lose a few saved games and have to reinstall.

    My Parallels virtual machine can see and write to my Mac OS X system, but if my understanding of how most viruses and spyware work is correct, the worst case scenario, again, is that my Parallels virtual machine might be corrupted and need a reinstall.

    Now, I suppose it is possible that there is a Mac-specific virus out there that could get in through Parallels (running, for example, IE) but I doubt it.

    If you don't use WinXP to browse/email, it should be virtually impossible to get a virus anyway unless you're playing online games and somehow caught something from an unprotected network.

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    Please search....this has been discussed many times.
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    You will still have to configure XP the same in Parallels as you would on native hardware. I have virus protection, spam blockers, spyware blockers all running on the Parallels version of XP. Now the up side is after I installed XP got all of the patches and installed all the software, I copied these "virgin" Parallels files to a external drive. Now if the running version of Parallels XP gets trashed I just kill the files and drag copies of the originals to the hard drive for active service. I'll make new "originals" whenever I make major changes to the XP install and know that its clean. Sort of like taking snap shots onec and a while.

    This way I never have to recreate the XP install. Makes using XP, those rare times I want to, a piece of cake. Much easier than running it stand alone.

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