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    BC: do i have to install xp right away?
    When i get my macbook i'm not sure whether i'll be using parallels or bootcamp yet, but if i choose bootcamp, is it true i should install xp right away on my macbook before i start putting other files on etc?
    Also for someone who has never used a mac, or installed an OS before, how safe is it for me to install XP on my macbook? I don't really have any apple stores around me, we have an 'authorized retailer' who also is apple certified to do fixes but they run out of a little house so i want to make sure everything runs fine as well

    Thanks in advance,

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    You don't really need to do it right away. When Bootcamp first came out, there were some reports that installing bootcamp messed up the OS X partition, but those were very rare. It probably wouldn't hurt to do a quick backup of important files, just in case.

    If by some odd chance something goes bad, you can just pop in the OS X disc and completely erase the hard drive, re-install OS X, then it'll be just like new.

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