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Thread: I hold down OPTION - and screen goes nuts.

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    I hold down OPTION - and screen goes nuts.
    Hi there. First post - long time lurker.

    Im not sure if anyone has had this issue but - i am running bootcamp and winxp SP2 on my macbook.

    As far as I can remember after i did a OSX update I can no longer access the options to boot in osx or xp. Since XP is my default boot at this time cuz of work that boots fine if I do not hold the OPTION key down.

    I REALLY miss my OSX - and currently have no way of booting it.

    When i hold the OPTION key down on start - the screen is the grayish white screen and i hear the chime... then nothing. Slowly these colored lines start filling the screen vertically until the whole screen is filled with these multi-colored stripes.

    I have to hold the power button down and re-try for it to boot to windows without using the option key.

    If this is a repeated post - please forgive me - i did search the archives.

    Any help -would be greatly appreciated.

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    you can set OS X to be the default boot partition in windows control panel
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    Ok - ill try that - but im a little nervous doing so. Im afriad osx will not boot - and i wont have an option to atleast run xp.

    ill let ya know what happens.

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    well i switched the boot sequence like u suggested above and OSX booted! Then i ran the updater and a bunch of updates were available with a firmware in there as well.

    so far so good! thanks!

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