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    DirectX 10
    I'm planning on buying a Macbook Pro (15 inch, 2.33ghz) and am planning on frequently using Windows on it. I am very concerned about the longevity of the notebook and how happy I'll be with it in a year or two from now. I want to have it for a long time and be pleased with it.

    I have confidence in the MBP running Vista, however I am a little confused on the DirectX 10 part. Do you need to have a special GPU in order to use DX10? Or is it just a driver issue that can be resolved?

    From what I understand the MBP's card should be able to run DX10 with no problems provided that the drivers are released. But I just wanted to get you guys' opinion.

    I will be using the notebook for school related things but mostly personal things such as movies and gaming and want to make sure I can play the newer games that will be coming out (Hellgate:London in particular). I know some of these games will require DX10 so I need to make sure the current MBP's will be able to run it.

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    DirectX is basically a horribly written set of "quick fix" graphic instructions to make game development easier. It should work just fine on a Macbook Pro running Windows...
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    DX10 is a prickly topic... DirectX10 can only be installed as part of windows Vista for a start. To take full advantage of the new shaders (SM 4.0) and the faster rendering, you will need a card designed for DX10. However, any current DX9 card will also be able to perform DX10 rendering, only a lot slower. The game you mention will almost certainly run on your MacBook.

    Just be aware that actually no current notebook has a fully DX10 compliant GPU right now, even those claiming to be Vista ready.
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    Thanks for the replies, guys.

    You know what, I don't think it's really that big a deal to try and wait for a DX10 card. I mean as it is most current specs are more than enough, and new technology will always arise, so I might as well grab the Macbook Pro that I want now.

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