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Thread: Virtual PC or vmware?!

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    Virtual PC or vmware?!
    Hello guys,

    Actually, I'm new to iMAC and new to MAC and new to this forum. I'm just trying to leave the Windows world and transfer my things to my iMAC. However, still there are some jobs to be done on Windows.
    Thus, I need to know if there is a virtual pc or vmware for iMAC available?

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    What iMac are you using? I presume you're using a new one, with an Intel processor. Then you can use Parallels, which is virtualization software like VMWare. Unfortunately, you have to pay for it, and VMWare hasn't released any software for Mac yet, but it's coming. The downside is that you'll need a Windows licence to use them. Other than that, there's CrossOver for Mac, which works kinda like WINE. You have to pay for that too, though. The last option I can think of is Q. That's an emulator though, so it's slower than congress.

    There's also a WINE port called DarWine, but I have yet to succeed in making it work, so I'm hesitant to recommend it. Maybe someone else has had more success.

    Other than that, check out the last subforum, called "Bootcamp: Windows, Linux and other OS"

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    I can strongly recommend Parallels. I installed the demo and quickly bought a license.

    I run XP SP2 with all the latest patches and fixes, including Messenger 8, Money 2007 and IE7. I only really use it for Money 2007, but it was worth it. Also, although games are not officially supported, many do work (mainly OpenGL ones) which was an unexpected bonus.

    Most people will croon about Bootcamp, but Parallels offers almost full speed performance, plus drag and drop file sharing and you can alt-tab/Apple-Tab between the OS's in a blink. Just make sure you have AT LEAST 1 gig of RAM - more would be better and yes you need a full license of WinXP.

    It can also run Linux and other Windows OS's within the VM. :spook:
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