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    Flight Simulator X on Parallels
    I just bought Flight Simulator X and installed it on my desktop Windows XP PC and it works great. I'm not a gamer by far but that's the one game I do play. I now have a C2D MBP though and would to go all Mac and don't want to have to keep the PC for this one game. I know about the gaming issues of Parallels and prefer Parallels by far over Boot Camp. When I try to run FS X though it gives the message:
    Flight Simulator is not working with your video card. Verify that you have the latest drivers installd for your video card. Flight Simulator will now exit.

    From what I've heard often games run very slow under parallels but I've never heard about one giving that error so does it mean there may be some type of driver issue that I can update and get around it. I have done the windows update through Microsoft and it's not showing any updates.

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    Parallels does not provide 3D hardware acceleration, which is what Flight Simulator X requires.

    Until the Parallels team cracks this nut, you won't be able to use the game under Parallels.

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