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    MacBook video problem with windows games
    Alright, here's the story:

    I use the windows partition of my MacBook for games, and for all of them, they won't let me set the resolution to 1200 x 800, because the option never shows up in the settings.

    When i running purely windows, the resolution is at 1200 x 800 and i'm not complaining there. I know the video card can handle 1200 x 800 in games, because for the odd game i installed on the Mac OS X partition, the game lets me set it to 1200 x 800, but if i install that same game in windows, no luck. (if your wondering, that game is Warcraft 3, but the problem happens with every windows game i've installed.)

    Is there another driver i can use for the video, to fix the resolution? Thanks!

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    i have that same problem but when im running WC3 in windows it seems to run fine but if I run it on the OSX side it is so laggy even with the lowest graphics settings, is this the same for you? I mean it plays for a bit then freezes for a few seconds and then runs again for a few seconds then stops for a few seconds, I think it may be something to do with the CPU throttling down of something because the fan goes full on and get verys hot.

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