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    Macbook for business use?
    I'm considering the purchase of a macbook with 2.0 GHZ Intel Core 2 DUO, 2GB Memory, and 120 GB Hard Drive.

    The problem is that I just graduated from college, and I plan to get a job in consulting or finance. I am curious if you all feel that the macbook is capable of running the windows software that I may need. In particular, I believe I will need the ability to run statistics software such as STATA or SPSS. In general, do you feel that I will be able to run all windows software via bootcamp or parallels as well as I would with a pc laptop? Also, I noticed that the macbook is lacking a pc card slot. What is the pc card primarily used for? Will it hinder my ability to be productive?

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    yes, you will be able to run windows on the system rather well,
    you will not need a pc card slot, people rarely need one, if you feel that you may need one sometime in the future then get the macbook pro, but since you dont' know what it is, then it is unlikely that you will need one.
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    SPSS should be fine:
    Stata too:

    And any windows software will work just fine under Bootcamp. Some will work just fine with Parallels as well, but I think graphics stuff won't work.

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