Well specifically people using the United Kingdom keyboard layout on a Macbook. I'm not sure if it affects any other macs. Basically if you use the United Kingdom Apple Keyboard driver in windows XP via bootcamp (v1.1.2 still has the problem too) then you will find that the quotation marks are not the correct character, instead they are '' making it almost impossible to do programming. Also the key with '' and '' on is switched with the key that has '`' and '~' on.

I have used the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator to correct these issues. You can download the installer for the layout from http://renhelp.laeubi-soft.de/Apple-UK.zip Simply run the msi installer and then choose "United Kingdom (Apple) (EN-GB Layout)".

I have not been able to install the keyboard layout sucessfully on Vista RC2.

Hope this helps out anyone who was having this problem.