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dayal 11-19-2006 01:34 PM

XP keeps restarting?
Hi, I have this problem when I switch to XP on my MBP. Everytime I switch over to Xp from OSX, or when i turn on the Laptop for the first time and go into XP, once everything is loaded it then when i go into it again, it now works. This is really annoying, why doesn't it load properly for the first time?

jgrimes80 11-19-2006 02:00 PM

What version of BootCamp are you using?

I had some similar problems with the original batch of drivers... with the newer releases; I installed the updated drivers and haven't had any trouble since.

dayal 11-20-2006 10:56 AM

I'm just downloading version 1.2 now...How can I install 1.2 though? won't this mean ill have to reinstall XP all over again. Or should I just burn the drivers disk and install that in XP?

jgrimes80 11-21-2006 02:53 AM

just burn the disk and load them....

dayal 11-21-2006 02:06 PM

it still happens mate...any other ideas?

dayal 11-25-2006 04:30 PM


dayal 12-21-2006 05:13 PM

right i'm raising this issue again because it is a problem that is persisting...does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this??

Ice Cream Man 12-21-2006 05:55 PM


XP keeps restarting?
That's what it supposed to do. Don't worry. That is the way MS made it.

jram 12-21-2006 08:46 PM

Open Control Panel...System...Advanced tab...startup & recovery box...settings button, and take the check out of Automatically restart box. Then check the Write a system event, and the Admin alert boxes.
This will force a BSOD on the next crash, it might tell you the problem

dayal 01-18-2007 07:16 AM

right i tried that but it stlll stupidly keeps restarting. After about 10 goes XP decides to load anyone else experiencing this?

dayal 02-10-2007 08:01 PM


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