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Thread: So annoyed!!

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    So annoyed!!
    My main computer with internet connection is a PC... I want to download mac software, put them on floppy then open them on my Powerbook Duo 280c. So... I download the software, put it on the floppy then try to open it on my Powerbook. It doesnt open itself like shop-bought floppy software, It says that I need to select a program to open it with...!?!? Some one suggested I download Stuffit, but when I tried to open it on my Powerbook it asked me to select a program!! Surely its a vicious circle?
    Thank you!

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    You can download a non-stuffed Stuffit Expander from Allume's site.
    What extension does the version you got have?
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    I've no idea, I'm sorry. I'm not much of an expert! I also can't view JPEG's, which is quite annoying!

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    Go in the internet folder and look for a version of expander,It may have never been installed. Look for it in the exporer and or netscape folder. Install it
    and then you can update it, and then open other mac softwear.If its not to be found ,you will have to install it off the OS floppies or dics or a external hard drive.

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