Right guys im having a few problems getting BF2 to run under Windows on my iMac, ill post what I posted on another forum.


Hi guys,

Ive recently installed BootCamp and a copy of Windows onto my iMac 24".

I then proceeded to install Battlefield 2 and the latest patch (1.4)

When I launch BF2 it is all normal and works great, so I proceed to starting a game (singleplayer and multi), the load progresses completely fine however once loading when it tries to verify client data I get the blue screen of death and my computer restarts itself.

The drivers that bootcamp burnt for me were installed straight away so they are on, now all I need to know is what am I missing here!


My system specs if it makes a difference are,

24" iMac
2.33ghx Core 2 Duo
7600GT 256mb
250gb HD

Any help is much appreciated,



As said anyway, any help regarding this is very much appreciated.