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    Can my mac run os 9?
    Hi there,
    You will have to forgive me, my knowledge of mac pcs is limited (this is why i joined!)
    I got given a PowerPC 603e/200 (Umax clone, so i'm told) What I would like to know is what is the most recent os that it can run?
    It currently has OS 7.6 on it but would like to update that to something a bit more modern.
    Is this possible on this pc?
    Thanks for your help.

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    So long as you have enough memory, yes.

    The latest supported OS for that machine would be 9.1 (Though some adventurous souls have gotten 9.2 to work)

    See also

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    Clones use 3rd party CD rom drivers ,do not lose it. Find it and make a
    copy should you ever do a clean OS install. Most clones use CD rom tool kit
    2.32. The CD rom drives in theses machines are not Apple brand and apple
    drivers will not find them.

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    Hi guys, thanks very much for the info, I will try what you have suggested.

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