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    Device Manager Needs More Drivers
    I just received my first Mac - a 20" iMac. I installed Windows XP, carefully following all Boot Camp instructions, but the Driver CD didn't seems to cover everything it should have. Windows XP Device Manager shows two devices not having drivers:

    1. Human Interface Devices -> USB Human Interface Device
    2. Other Devices -> PCI Device

    I assume ONE of these items - not sure which - is the Remote that came with the iMac. It doesn't work with Windows loaded up. I'm not sure what the other device might be. Keyboard, Mouse, Camera... they all work fine.

    Any ideas on what these items are, and how I can find drivers for them? Any help would be much appreciated!

    One other thing - Windows doesn't seem to like the wireless keyboard and mouse. They work, but I have to turn off/turn on the keyboard every time I reboot the machine. The mouse take a bit of clicking and shaking to be found. I don't think there's a fix for this... just thought I'd mention it. I guess that's the cost of using XP?


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    i think apple is still working on a fix for those 2 extra devices. I have the same thing for the remote on my mini mac.

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    Thanks for the reply. I came across a Q & A that states that the Remote, as well as the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, won't work with Windows XP. (And of course, I went with the wireless keyboard and mouse).

    One thing to note - the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse WILL work with Windows XP. The mouse gets found rather quickly... all I have to do is click it a couple times after starting the computer. The keyboard is a little trickier - I have to turn the keyboard off (with the switch on the bottom) then turn it back on. After doing this and pressing a key 10 or 12 times, it will start working as well, and function just fine until the next time you restart the computer. I guess that's the price of no wires. I can live with it.

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