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Thread: "puzzle" puzzler

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    "puzzle" puzzler
    ok, this is a super stupid question, but where is "puzzle" located on my mac? i use system 7.5, and i cant seem to find it, but i know it exists on the system. anyone know?

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    System folder/Apple Menu Items?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cradom
    System folder/Apple Menu Items?
    checked, only "jigsaw puzzle" im looking for the slide puzzle with the apple logo in it, i know about it from playing it on system 7.5 when i was in school, is this what you have and what you have in the menu items?

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    The sliding-square puzzle did not come with System 7.5. It was replaced with the Jigsaw Puzzle in that version.

    If you had the sliding-square puzzle on a Mac with System 7.5, then it was probably left over from an older System version when that Mac was upgraded to 7.5

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    ok, what was the last OS that came with it?

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