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Thread: OS 9 and network drives

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    OS 9 and network drives
    I don't use Mac's a whole lot, but we have a few in our company that I support. The situation I have is hard to explain, so if it isn't clear let me know.
    I have a user using OS 9 who is connecting to shares on our Mac server which is running OS X. When she brings up the window for a share and displays all of the files and folders and just lets the window sit there it is constantly acting like it is updating the folder. For example one minute the content of the folder will be 800 files then several files appear for a few seconds the count will go up to maybe 900 files and then the files go back down to 800. It looks as though the window for the share is refreshing everying few seconds. This might not seem like a big issue, but when the user is looking for a specific file and the window is constantly being repopulated with what I call "ghost" files, they seem to appear and disappear in a few seconds, it makes it hard for them to search the folder. Now it doesn't appear that files are being deleted from the share, you can tell when the folder is idle and folder stays at a consistent file count, it just seems to constantly refresh. I don't know if this is common or not, I just need to know any settings can be changed or if this is just the behaviour of OS 9. Thanks for your help.

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    The problem is with AppleTalk not playing nicely with TCP/IP. Try connecting to the server through the Chooser using the server's TCP/IP address. And I mean the numbers themselves (10.0.1.whatever).

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