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Thread: DVD Shrink under Parallels

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    DVD Shrink under Parallels
    I've been using DVD Shrink to backup some dvds and it works fine under Bootcamp. It doesn't work under Parallels. Anyone else tried this? Thanks.

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    Sorry, haven't tried it but is there something DVD Shrink does that Mac The Ripper doesn't do? Just curious as I used to use DVD Shrink on the PC all the time but havent needed it since going to Mac route...

    Interesting though, I wonder if it's a driver issue for the DVD drive. Does it give any form of error?

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    Hey ripfrankwhite....I've been tearing my hair out "trying" to get an answer to that same question for about the last 2 days straight. I'm totally new to mac's..and an overall i may not be of the best help. But..anyways..i just installed parallels on my macmini for mostly that reason: to be able to use dvdshrink. Downloaded shrink alright...but having all sorts of errors trying to use it. That's been the question i've been putting out there in numerous forums: Is whether or not parallels "will" work with dvdshrink. So far i "think" not. Heard something about parallels having difficulty in recognizing a cd/dvd burner for what it is. And i'm almost positive that you can't burn anything with parallels..that "if" you could get shrink to work you'd have to save the movie to a shared folder then burn it on osx with popcorn or whatever.

    I'm in the opposite side of the spectrum as you. I've been trying to use parallels with shrink but can't...and was wondering if i should just go ahead and use bootcamp to do so. ***So...bootcamp DOES definitely work alright with DVDSHRINK? If so i'll do it. And, man...if you find anything out about getting shrink to work on parallels please let me know (

    And Jem...two major benefits of SHRINK -v- MTR: Shrink is way faster. And now a days with the new sony protected disks there's nothing that will allow mtr to override that....whereas with shrink (or any pc / windows based ripping program) you can utilize "ANYDVD" which will remove the copyright from..well...ANY dvd! 30 day free trial...but totally worth the $20-something dollar activation key. The two programs work fast and flawlessly together. Also..don't know if anyone else has this provblem..but, more times than not, i have trouble using MTR in conjunction with my external dvd writer (which i'd rather use as it's much faster than the built in one i have).

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    Hi Josh, great post, sounds like I may have to go down the same path in a few months time then if mtr isn't going to do the job. It seemed fine on anything I'd tried in the past few days but I can't say I've used it extensively.

    Perhaps someone will come up with an equivalent to ANYDVD for the Mac sometime soon as I haven't found anything I really need the PC for since switching.

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    HI Jem,

    thanks for the kind words. Don't get me wrong..for a free software program MTR works really well. Only problem is that there's no ripping software on either mac or pc that will override those newer Sony disks. Only thing that exists is anydvd (& maybe one or two other like programs) that kind of work "behind the scenes" to enable your ripping program to rip those sony disks. And..the only programs like anydvd will only work on windows. I'm sure someone will write a program for mac like that eventually. Obviously somebody will. I'm just impatient. i mentioned..that anydvd / dvdshrink / nero system just works so flawlessly and sooo much faster than mactheripper (& popcorn for me anwyways) on my mac. But, yeah...unless there's some Sony disks you really really want & super fast ripping speed isn't that big a deal...those mac programs will work fine..and in due time catch up w. the windows programs. I'm just a movie geek...and it's like my main hobby!

    josh :headphone

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    Yeah, I've had zero luck with any DVD ripping program under Parallels. It just doesn't translate well for some reason. I prefer Decrypter or Shrink to the Mac alternatives.
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    Hey man...yeah...looks like there's alot of us on this problem. I'm beginning to question all the people who are saying that shrink is working for them under parallels. I don't think they're purpously lying or anything....but something's not translating right? I keep bumping into frankwhite's posts in my search....and i finally concur w. his earlier sentiments (on the actual parallels site) on throwing in the towel. I'm just gonna' go ahead and install bootcamps for you know...nothin' beats anydvd & shrink etc. If someone finds something out in the meantime i'll be occassionally keeping my lids pealed...but, all in all, i'm through. Way too many problems w. parallels. I'll keep it installed for some other purposes and i suppose it's a fair program...but they should tell you out of the gates that it definitely won't burn disks...and will give you trouble with alot of other things.'s pretty much mostly good for just checking out sites under windows..maybe downloading some windows programs....but certainly it's nowhere near like being able to have "a second computer that runs windows right on your osx". I'm sure it'll be updated...and better programs will come out. But i do feel a little ripped off.

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