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    Boot Camp Formatted Whole Drive, How to Restore OS X?

    I got my iMac yesterday, and things were great until I intalled boot camp assistant. I followed all the instructions, and I asked it to make a 10GB partition for Windows, but when Windows Setup asked me which partition to install on, I only saw one option for 131,000MB, so I F3'd out and tried to boot back into Mac OS, but I can't get back into it. I get the startup sound, then a white/grey screen, the only response I get out of the computer, is that holding the Option key gives me the mouse pointer, which freezes after 30 seconds.

    I have tried everything that is recommended on the Apple Support page, and I have read a lot of posts on various discussion and forum pages, and I had a long phone call with the Apple Support line today, all to no avail. They're only solution over the phone was to exchange it for a new one.

    The Apple Tech on the phone said that Boot Camp formatted my whole drive as a Windows drive, which is why I can not access Mac OS in any way, no key combinations at start up does anything.

    Is there anything I can do, besides sending it back to Apple, to get the drive booted and reformatted for OS X? Keeping in mind that popping in the restore CD and holding on the C button does nothing!

    Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Get it repaired/replaced and forget about BootCamp. :black:
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    Quote Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y
    Get it repaired/replaced and forget about BootCamp. :black:
    Thats what I am thinking, I have done a fair bit of reading forums and discussions today and this doesn't seem to be an isolated issue.

    The only reason I need windows, is so that I can use AutoCAD and a couple other CAD related programs, is Parallels a safer alternative?


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