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    Possible upgrade???
    Ok, so I may get this installation disk from someone for free and I am hoping it will work. U C, it is 4 a Performa 6390/6400CD and I have a Performa 6290CD computer that works fine, except for the fact that it is used and the previous owner deleted some of the applications before sellin it. So me Q(?) Is,,, will A 6390/6400CD installation disk work on a 6290CD Mac???
    Plezzz let me knowssss...



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    yes, it should work fine. Just hold the "C" key when you turn the computer on so it can boot off of the CDROm
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    It may, it may not. The Performas were sort of squirly when it came to the boot CDs and some would work, some would not. As an example, my 6400 Would boot off my 6205s disc, but not vice-versa, IIRC...

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