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Thread: Urgent Help: Problems setting up Windows

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    Urgent Help: Problems setting up Windows
    hey guys sorry for the obnoxious title, but I need help by 10am tomorrow morning on how to fix this...

    I got through install of XP and everything on my MBP, but I'm stuck installing the Mac drivers because I don't have a set-up internet connection, but at the same time for some reason I can't connect to the internet I guess because I don't have the drivers installed?

    I also can't get out of windows now, everytime I shut down and reboot I'm stuck in Windows (On my roommates computer now)....


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    Restart and hold down 'option' (or alt) to select which startup partition you want to use.

    As for the drivers - you just need to burn them to a disc using the bootcamp utility in OS X and then just load the disc under windows XP and it'll do the rest.

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    It still just stalls on the Registering product portion of installation of the drivers.....

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